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Watchguard Support Page

T10 - T15 - T30/T50 - T35 - XTM25/26 - XTM33 - XTM330 - M500 - M200 - FireboxV


Veeam Endpoint Backup (v2.2)
Veeam Endpoint Backup (v2.0)
Veeam Endpoint Backup (v1.5)
Watchguard SSL VPN (v11.11.1)
PDQ deploy v11
PDQ inventory v10
veeam v9.5
fsecure exe
fsecure msi
If you have 9.5 Update 4 installed (RTM build, GA build, or Update 4a build, you can upgrade to Update 4b using the following update package:
For new installations and upgrades from the previous versions, use the 9.5 Update 4b ISO image: